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We are having our denim company release party this Friday August 6th at 7pm at our store on Sunset blvd in Los Angeles, CA. If any of our blog followers are in the area this Friday the invite is extended to you. We will have  free drinks and good times for all. We do event party’s every month and this one is a special one that we have all worked hard to make happen. The formation of the S.G.H. Denim Co. has taken a while to form and after all the endless days and nights to accomplish what we feel is a REAL handmade jean that is from a highly regarded denim mill in Italy, it is here. The denim that we decided to go with is a redline selvage 15oz black blue cross weave indigo denim constructed from old shuttle looms that were bought out of the old denim factorys from the pre 60’s. There is only a handfull of mills in the world that actually still use these machines, it is expensive to buy but worth it. We have sold out of every pair that we have created already and hope to be able to make more than we can sell. We will only be running a few hundred pairs of this denim so I hope that every one can have a chance to view them this Friday and possibly own a pair for themselves. The flier listed has all the info and address is listed below.


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