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Here is the final sample for the new run of 100 pairs of Schaeffers Garment Hotel Denim. I have chosen over the black open weft japanese denim to go with an amazing redline selvage italian 15oz denim. The reason I have gone this route is because of the absolute amazing quality of this denim. The denim is quite expensive per yard but worth it. This is all spun off old shuttle looms that were responsable for the early 1900’s Levis denim. The color and texture are thick and waxy and is the perfect dark indigo blue. I will only run 100 pairs then we will re-order more of the same or better if it is available. Just to remind every one, we are a fully handcrafted and tailored denim store and manufacture the complete process in-house behind our retail store on Sunset Blvd. I inspect every pair for any flaws, therefore insuring perfection with every pair. We are starting to put them on the floor as they are completed and are selling faster than we can produce them. There is an event this August 5th to officially promote them at our store. We always have good events here and want everyone to attend that can. For any purchasing questions please contact us at the store number listed below. You can also follow all of our store updates on the twitter address listed below. So here are the pictures, I hope everyone can get a chance to have the first pair of Schaeffers Garment Hotel Denim.

Finishing area for sample pair

Italian redline selvege 15oz

Schaeffers Garment Hotel Denim


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