Fashion, Hat manufacturing, Denim Repair and Alteration, Vintage goods


Schaeffers Garment Hotel has officially started our own denim line and it will be in our Sunset Store this month. We manufacture all of our denim in our shop which  attached to our retail store on sunset blvd. I am a denim head and have created my denim company based on old 1900’s-1940’s denim construction and quality of the fabrics. There are a lot of denim companys out there but few to none are actually created in house by denim entuhsiats. We beleive in the old way of doing things which puts quality first and not profit first. My Company will only sell its denim through the store front and website, there will be no vendor sales. The reason that we do this is to insure the price point, quality, and customer service. We have three fits in which one will be released this month and run on a few different denim looms then the other fits will be released each season this year. We only use Cone Denim and some japanese denim mills for speacialty runs. I will hope everyone can have a chance to enjoy a pair of our denim when the time is right.

750 yards of cone selvedge perfection


Robert Schaeffer


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